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I Am a Pedestrian: The Reviews

Walking around a city

I Am a Pedestrian is the result of a 159-kilometre walk around Toronto. The book consists of 159 observations gleaned from a 42-hour adventure at the perimeter. I Am a Pedestrian is a record of underexplored places, stories of people encountered and lost histories rediscovered at Toronto’s current city limits.

Before the onset of the novel coronavirus, I promoted I Am a Pedestrian in public libraries and other venues with a talk titled, The Time Travelling Pedestrian. With the aid of historical photographs, maps, and group discussion, the presentation revealed how Toronto has grown from a lonely French outpost in 1750 to today's bustling metropolis.

Reviews of I Am a Pedestrian are glowing.


“Edward Brown set out to literally walk around Toronto. But my, what a journey that becomes and what tales he spins. This is a one-of-a-kind portrait of our sometimes small-minded, sometimes big-hearted burg from the point of view of someone who loves every inch of it.”

—BRAD CUNDIFF, Author, Walks around Toronto

I Am a Pedestrian makes a difference in the lives of those that travel through Hogtown and beyond.”

—KENT, crossing guard

“Here’s proof every walk with my dog Dyson through the streets of Toronto can be an adventure. I Am a Pedestrian got me stoked for our next walk.

—JULIA NOBLE, dog owner

I Am a Pedestrian reminds us to get up and get out. The pace of walking allows a city to reveal itself, and Brown reveals himself to be an intrepid snoop who pushes past No Trespassing signs, fences and hostile stares to satisfy his profound curiosity about everything and everyone in his path. Brown has dug up many interesting and quirky facts about places and people at city limits. The real charm of this book is in the telling of his encounters and mischief-making.”

—MAUREEN FAIR, pedestrian


I Am a Pedestrian is available through this website.


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